An Effort in Ernest

I am going to vision cast this blog in this post. I know I said that this blog has no commitments, but secretly it does. I lied. Sue me (actually, don’t, that would be very inconvenient). I have trouble committing to a schedule because life has been and will continue to be unpredictable. I don’t want to drag myself along on the idea that I’m going to post every Friday.

However, I recognize at the same time that it would be good for me to have a system that encourages me to create and publish semi-regularly, and I think this platform can provide that. So with a large paintbrush I will paint in broad strokes who I am and want to accomplish in this blog.

Seat belt tightened?

I am a person that seeks to find meaning in every action that I do. Every action I perform is a stroke of paint on the canvas called life. It doesn’t matter if I’m typing on a computer, splicing telephone wires, or laughing with friends; everything I do amounts to who I am and how I find hope in this life.

I identify with the Christian faith. Christ has proposed and executed a legacy that I fully embrace. Christ, like many of us, saw the broken relationships around us. And he, genius that he his, decided to be executed on our behalf and conquered death so that heaven can reside on earth. That last statement is loaded, and has been deeply studied by many smarter than myself. I will probably dive deeper into that statement in a later post.

Details about me that are just important than my existential philosophies and Christianity include but are not limited to: the love of coffee, books, Kristian Marie House, and, of course, my friends and family. I was born and raised in Visalia, California. In 2015, I graduated with my bachelor’s in English at Fresno Pacific University, and now work as a U-verse Premises Technician for AT&T in Silicon Valley. I currently live in San Jose and hold my future with open hands.

With this blog, I want to capture what it means to be human. I want to capture it not only through my metaphysical thoughts, but also through the tangible narrative of my life. This blog will be a place to process, and to gain deeper understanding.

The topics will remain open, whether that be philosophical discourse, book reviews, or what makes a good cup of coffee. I welcome anybody who is up for the ride. It, at the very least, is fun for me. I hope at least a few folks get some enjoyment out of this. Cheers.


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