The Nectar of the Gods

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It was inevitable that this post was going to come.

There is no hiding from it.

This topic can be very polarizing for people, so strap in!


Yes! YES! I said it! COFFEE. *Eye Twitches.* This elixir of life has saved me time and time again.

Have you ever been so tired, that you felt like you would just . . . ya know . . . DIE?

I’ve got an answer for you.


Ever been so incredibly depressed after a break up with that one guy/girl who was no good for you in the first place?


“Yeah Jennifer! I don’t need you anymore! I got this steaming bold black beauty right here!” *Gestures to black cup of coffee.*

But on the real though, I really don’t know how I would have powered through some of the stuff that I did without the bitter sweet embrace of coffee.

My schedule in college was this:

7AM Wake up, get ready, breakfast.

8AM-4:30PM Work, Classes, 30Min-Hour Lunch

4:30PM-5PM Breath, try to get coffee if I could afford it.

5PM-6PM Dinner

6PM-10PM Rehearsals (I was an actor)

10PM-2AM Homework

Wake up. Repeat.

Needless to say, I became a coffee addict almost instantly. My schedule was a breeding ground for addiction. During my college days, if they found a way to put an espresso shot into the blood stream like HEROIN, I may have considered it. And I don’t think I was the only one who got wrapped up in the addiction. There should be an Espresso Anonymous or something, only, no one would show up because coffee is just too good. *Eye twitches.*

While we are on the topic of how college is a breeding ground for addiction, to those who didn’t drink a single cup of coffee in college: what? I didn’t hear you correctly. You mean to tell me you went through the rigorous, unforgiving educational system without a single cup of the good? I draw only one conclusion from this.

You’re not human.

NO! You’re Superhuman! Who can do this? Who can be in a perpetual state of sleep depravity and fatigue and not enjoy the nectar of the gods? College folks are notorious for having existential angst, and you know what temporarily suspends them from that black abyss? That deep pit of despair?

You guessed it.

So without that, what do you have? Are you perpetually falling? Sinking deeper into the great void? Voyaging into the deep, blue sea of oblivion? NO? You’re happy and fine without coffee?!

These people do not fit my worldview.

So I must do what every republican and democrat does.

Demonize them and claim that they aren’t human.

Yikes. That got political pretty quick.

Sorry, didn’t prep you for that one.

Didn’t I tell you to strap in?

You’ve been warned.

#Realtalk though. If you are one of those folks who were able to do that. Good work. But you are missing out. There is a spiritualness that comes to coffee, especially when you brew it the way I do: pour over. The pour over is great for many reasons. The main reason for me is that it’s a very centering practice. As I swirl the boiling water over the beans, I reflect on who I am, who God is, and where my life is going. The ten minutes of brewing brings me to a place of reflection and peace. It helps me start my morning off right. Not only that, but by using the pour over, more flavor is going to be brought out of the bean, and makes the cup of coffee a smoother drink.

Of course you can get that spiritual experience anywhere, but I want to point out to coffee lovers that you’re not just a maniac. You’re a bit of a guru, too. Stay true little Jesuses, keep brewing, and stay suspended from the void.


Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Processed with VSCO 


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