Vote for the Kingdom

My brain is highly trafficked. Thoughts crowd the the train as it billows through my brain at top speeds. There is noise. Noise of buzzing thoughts, quandaries and reflections. My mind never seems to stop. It’s constantly racing about where I am in life, where I am going, who’s coming along with me. Recently, I’ve been wrapped up about where this country is going. I’ve been engaging with talk radio, trying to stay updated, trying to stay informed about my voting decisions.

As I continued to consume information, making my crowded brain more packed. I listened to a NPR reporter interview a pastor about the election process. In response to the reporters questions he said: “God is still sovereign.”

Once I heard those words, the racing train in my head came to a lurching hault. It stopped and stayed suspended in all of space in time. My brain finally felt still. The stillness was so real that it felt like a substance.

The words brought me back to my core. The racing train in my head stopped frantically worrying about scandal videos and political emails, and steadily rowed into what I have always believed.

Many of us in the Christian faith get distracted during times of election. We get obsessed about our party, nation, and preferred candidate. We get so obsessed, in fact, that we alienate and ostracize who may not agree politically—even fellow brothers and sisters of Christ.

I would like to bring myself back to what is important in this political season, and maybe some folks want to join me.

I do not have faith in the American Kingdom. I do not subscribe to the idea that American politics is the answer. Even if this country fixed what was broken in this democratic system, it still remains an earthly kingdom. It will always have flaws. It will always falls short.

There is, thankfully, a Kingdom that seeks to make this world whole again.

Jesus advertised a kingdom without poverty, death, or pain. As a Christian, I have the ability to incorporate the Kingdom into my life. In this political season I have the option to look up or look at man.

I am first a citizen of the Kingdom of Heaven. Secondly, I am a citizen of the United States of America.

Some folks get it the other away around.

I am not saying that Christians should not vote, on the contrary. While I do not believe this political system will save us, we have a gift that shouldn’t go to waste. Here is the point that is critical: we should vote for the platform that best propels the Kingdom of Heaven. That is why I vote. I see voting as a tool to promote the platform that is most likely to do the most good.

But I’m not stopping there. Because again, I don’t put my faith in politics. I put politics in my faith. I use my political power for the Kingdom of Heaven, but that is only a small part of it. I hope that all the other parts of my life exude the Kingdom. I hope that everywhere I go, I am showing the love that Christ has shown me. If my political opinions cause me to hate someone who does not agree with me, then I have failed. Voting is just one way in which I show Christ’s love. I recognize that no matter who I vote for, man or woman, they are human. Humans are flawed, and often we must choose between candidates that are mixed bags. You know who else is a mixed bag?




We are broken people who are striving to be the best version of ourselves.

So whether you are voting for Clinton or Trump, know that you are voting for a human. Not God.

Vote for the Kingdom. Use your best discernment and vote for the platform the furthers the Kingdom best.

And most importantly remember:

God is still sovereign.


Image from Shane Claiborne’s Jesus for President. A highly recommended read.


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