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I have a terrible habit these days. Screens are constantly involved throughout my day. There are times in which I find myself thirty minutes to an hour doing nothing more than watching videos, laughing at memes, and seeing what everyone else is up to on social media. Now, don’t get me wrong—this is not a post about demonizing social media. However, at least for me, it got to the point where I felt dependent on technology. I felt almost enslaved by it.

When I think about this topic, I think of Logic’s song “Killing Spree” on his Everybody album. In the middle of the song he raps:

Everybody wanna get high, everybody wanna live life like they can’t die. / Everybody gotta be right / Everybody scrolling, scrolling through they life. / I wish they would love me like I like they pictures . . . Everybody looking for their meaning in their life through a cell phone screen.

A couple weeks ago, this song jolted me back into reality. It woke me to my addiction. I began to ask myself, “Where do I find your meaning? Where do I find your purpose? It certainly doesn’t reside in Instagram or Facebook. I needed to find intentionality in my life again.

So today I went on a hike on the Los Gatos Creek Trail. It was a five-mile hike round trip that wasn’t strenuous, but I found it to be peaceful. I made the commitment to spend the first hour of my hike completely unplugged. I turned my phone off and put it in my backpack as I spent time in silence, only hearing the world around me. My ears wear filled with the trickle of the creek and the scuffing of my feet against the dirt. The sun sprinkled scattered rays through the shade of the overreaching trees.

It was a wonderful opportunity to center myself. I found myself talking to God again. I was not only creating space to find peace within myself, but I was also opening up the opportunity to talk to my Creator in an intentional way. I didn’t have some mountaintop experience, but by spending the first half of the hike with no technology and the last half with just music, I felt more steadfast.

I urge you, friend. Take an hour from your week to be unplugged. It does not mean you have to go on a hike. Just do something you enjoy without the distraction of technology. Do something that gives you meaning. That could be reading, writing, painting, composing, or just getting coffee with a friend. By being intentional with technology, you can open up more meaningful moments not just with yourself, but with those that you care about. You may be surprised at the peace you find.

Thank you for reading.


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