Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 7.48.02 PM.pngWhat comprises the self? What do we say when we attempt to describe ourselves? Do we identify ourselves by our work, hobbies, or what other folks may think of us? I tend to subscribe to the idea that we are the summation of our actions, but I know deep down that there is more to that. There is a humanity in all of us that goes beyond words and action. There is a state of being that makes us human.

I should introduce myself.


My name is Keith Giles.

My name, like many other names, has a large archive of connotations.

I am: a writer, philosopher, theologian, friend, technician, coffee enthusiast, to name a few.

This blog serves as a place for me to process the unfolding narrative of my life. But not only that. My hopes for this blog is to not only process the events, people, and narrative arches in my own existence, but that it taps into some sort of larger human narrative arch to which others can relate.

My post “Prelude” is a good glimpse of what this blog seeks to accomplish.


Let’s figure out what it means to be human: through narrative and inquiry.



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